ChatGPT 将改变教育| 2023年4月09日

今日ChatGPT 最新动向

:one: 科研工作专用ChatGPT拓展,特别优化学术Paper润色体验新增PDF和Word文献批量总结功能/PDF论文全文翻译功能 (
:two: BlinkDL/RWKV-LM: RWKV is an RNN with transformer-level LLM performance. It can be directly trained like a GPT (parallelizable). (
:three: Yidadaa/ChatGPT-Next-Web: One-Click to deploy well-designed ChatGPT web UI on Vercel. 一键拥有你自己的 ChatGPT 网页服务。 (
:four: vincanger/coverlettergpt: Generate Cover Letters based on Job Description and your Resumé. Manage jobs and applications. Get Hired. Have fun. Be cool. Go to School. (
:five: Machine Learning In Your Database Using SQL (
:six: bmaltais/kohya_ss (
:seven: getcursor/cursor

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